In some epoch moments like birthdays or day of creation, founding days of nations including institutions, every individuals conscious of its evolution and existence often bend back to access and make reference to its leaders who have contributed positively to nation, State and Community building and humanity at large.

It is in line with this age long and tested tradition of men to always write and comment on the land mark achievements of their leaders that have propelled this writer’s decision to write this piece on one of the leaders that matters so much as my role model, mentor and hero.

As impressive as Akpabio’s life is as a leader, I make bold to say that his landmark achievement is outstanding enough to write and make positive dissection on him. All over the world among icons and role models who have make significant contributions in their state and made their nation and community proud, books, essays and articles have been written on them, so that they can always make the list in history of men who came, saw and conquered.

As an Aficionado of Senator, Godswill Obot Akpabio, in my years of research on him from a distance as a free citizen, his life as a leader has increasingly endeared me to him.

There is No doubt, several virtues and inner content of values gives Akpabio the edge that makes him stand out and be distinguished as a leader with uncommon trait. My firsthand experience as a researcher on Akpabio have given me an upfront view of him as a gem, with some innate stuffs that makes him truly a dynamic leader indeed. In my perspective and several other right thinking followers and aficionados of Senator Akpabio, he is just one man that matters so much when it comes to leadership School of thought conforming with 21st century paradigm of leadership. In Akpabio, there is always such a sense of life and reality in all that Akpabio does, that studying his life and dissecting his achievements in a particular sense, the charm of his persona make him irresistibly appealing. As a leader who can’t be ignored anytime, any day and whose superlative credential and performance have made him stand out, I feel obliged and deem it necessary with pride to comment on him. No doubt Akpabio is a change catalystand agent, right influence and motivator.

Few amongst Akpabio’s numerous worthwhile virtues and values which make him outstanding are:Compassionate Mindset: Akpabio possess a wonderful degree of sympathetic imagination for his followers and humanity as a whole. And compassion is value imbedded in Akpabio’s Deoxyribonuclericacid (D.N.A.)

He lives exactly to his name Godswill and can’t help living for the people, their aspirations and desires that Godswill must be done in helping the people get sense of direction think more for the people and uplifts their standardof leaving. His compassionate virtues speak for itself through the numerous works of empowerment he has done for the people. He is one leader who can never tell anybody especially the downtrodden common man or woman is the street to “go to hell and die”. His people’s welfare is Akpabio’s outmost concern. He provides quality leadership because it is his personal conviction to provide such leadership for his people.The passion to do good for people is one word to describe Akpabio. Taking a good look at Akpabio one thing you can’t deny noticing about him is his passion for his people. To Akpabio it is people’s interest that is paramount, that is why he strives hard to deliver his promises with unapologetic passion.

Akpabio leads as a role model and mentor to many youths. I make bold to say that I am one of Akpabio’s distance mentee and protégée who have learn and gain much usefulness lessons from him in what seems like a trend without sense of direction that engulf Nigeria Youths of today, Akpabio has readily provided himself as a right mentor and positive role model to look up to at all times and also that both old and young people has important role to play in building a strong, socio, political and economic vibrant nation. He has given himself to many youths as the right ladder to climb and shoulder to stand and see far and shoulder the responsibilities repository on them where they ever find themselves.

As an inspirational and motivational leader, Akpabio is a living proof, practical evidence and statement of positive inspiration and motivational force to inspire and motivate many who are dismayed and passing through several challenges in life. Akpabio’s life as a leader is filled with messages of positive impression of hope to share. He is just an incredible force of motivation that can get the right and positive thinking person to action especially the story of his inability to pay his school fees at a tender age. I get so amazed of how and where got such guts, audacity and passion for education even when the allure for education was low then. A leader who can inspire hope in the youths is what we need in Nigeria.

My Research on Akpabio has brought me avalanche of new discoveries on critical issues concerning leadership which I would not ordinary have known elsewhere. Writing on Akpabio has made me unearth much on leadership. The fact is that Nigeria must get it right with its leadership to get as a nation.

On Several Occasions and several forums that present itself, Akpabio never fails to tell the youths to take their destinies into theirs hands. He constantly steers their minds to work hard to succeed. A leader must represent something and have a message to tell as a mentor, motivator and positive influence on the followers. In the words of Akpabio to the youths he has these to tell the youths “look at my life, if God has taken me this far in life, that same God will take you up in life too. So it behooves on the youths of Nigeria and Akwa Ibom with flesh and blood to do the needful and take a cue from his life as a beacon of hope in the midst of hopeless situation and challenges. His philosophical point and main thrust of truth is that the youths who are the leaders of today’s future should think for themselves, others and the nation, and they should standup to acquire the requisite skills to bring about the needed change and transformation we need in Nigeria. The real deal and onus in his message is for the youths to open up their minds and embrace the several indefinite opportunities that abound for them to excel and save the nation from the claws of ineptitude. Akwa Ibom State and indeed Nigeria are very fortunate to have a leader like Akpabio. As he marks his 55 years on earth I wish him the best in life, to continually be a conduct pipe and channel of God’s blessing to humanity.

Udom, a writer, researcher and Policy Analyst lives in



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