Chidinma who describes herself as “a passion driven professional Makeup artist and a creativity addict” dropped the pictures and wrote : “This glam really took my time,my physical and mental energy.But at the end of the day,I am all thankful to God,to Mother of perpetual help,Saint Anne and Saint Rita for the inspiration,initiative to have the Transformation makeup carried out and for the graceful outcome.
To my muse Okoli Miriam Chioma-Honeypot Ogbenyeanu,I am highly greatful for granting my request and availing your very young and pretty face for this weird glam.You supported me all the way despite your other numerous engagements for that day.”Nne,Chukwu gozie gi”.
To you my ever supportive friends,I thank you too and plead with you to like my work showcased on Precious Nebeife ‘s page De NEBs Concept and like the page also and oblige your many other friends to do so too.For by doing that,my chances of winning the ONLINE CREATIVITY TALENT EXHIBITION will be widened a lot.”

More Pictures and Video below:



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