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In the course of the 600 years of its life, innumerable of manuscripts with, regularly, Turkish texts have been produced within the Ottoman Empire. those are more often than not preserved in libraries within the international locations that when have been a part of that prolonged empire; a lesser variety of such manuscripts had their starting place in primary Asia, Persia and India. From the 16th century specifically, curiosity for those handwritten books elevated in Europe and located their approach to the libraries of students, booklet creditors and universities. the toilet Rylands college Library is one such repository of Turkish manuscripts of either Ottoman and wider Asian provenance. every one of these manuscripts, between which a couple of exact, infrequent and luxuriously produced goods, have been initially collected via a wealthy mine proprietor, the twenty fifth Earl of Crawford. during this e-book, the gathering is for the 1st time defined in an in depth and systematic method.

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148 (Armand-Pierre Caussin de Perceval, 1795-1871, French dragoman at Aleppo and teacher at the College de France);56 No. ]);and No. 160 (acquired in 1834 by the Russian Orientalist Antonius (Anton Osipovitch) Mukhlinskiy (1808-77),57 at Jaffa, purchased from Kohler in Leipzig); No. 161 or 162 (purchased from Kohler). Later acquisitions by the Rylands were more modest. In 1920 MS No. 167 was bought for£ 1/10/- from the London bookseller ('importer of foreign books') Robert Jaschke, a regular supplier to the Rylands.

H. ) brengt (halaytk ma'suma bohfa ile hammama gider, a female slave who brings a child and washing to the baths for her lady); 38a (39) cadengick een vrou die witgaet (kadtnctk, a woman who goes out); 39a (40) Jelin een bruijt (gelin, a bride); 40a (41) rackx ouglam salpariaine een jonggeman **die danst (raks oglan sal ... ), a young man who dances); 41a (42) tamborgie (tamburact = tambura player); 42a (43) naielan (nay ile = 'with a flute'); 43a (43) canon scalagi (kanun falact = zither player); 44a (44) Senck (fenk = harp; a harp player is pictured); 45a (45) miscalsi (miskalp = a Pandean pipe player); 46a (46) clamancegi (kemenfeci = kemencye player); cingi speulder cingi dairesan (fenki player fenki ..

148). INTRODUCTION 11 The earlier mentioned Christian texts with vocabulary (No. 23); the encyclopaedia, Netayicu 1-funun, by Nev'i (No. med of Birgi's Vfl$tyet-name (No. 126-the MS was turned into an endowment, va~f, by, probably, his daughter); Yiisuf Aga's Seltm-name (No. 136); the afore-mentioned works of Seyyid 'Osman Atabazari (No. 137); a copy of Pe<;:evi's history (No. 161); and a Turkish-French dictionary, probably written by John Lewis Burckhardt (1784-1817), traveller in the Middle East and book-collector 14 (MS Gaster 1523), have a more tenuous claim to autograph status.

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