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By Howard Zinn

A younger People's background of the us brings to US background the viewpoints of staff, slaves, immigrants, ladies, local americans, and others whose tales, and their impression, are infrequently incorporated in books for teens. a tender People's historical past of the us can be a significant other quantity to the folk communicate, the movie tailored from A People's historical past of the USA and Voices of a People's historical past of the United States.
Beginning with a glance at Christopher Columbus's arrival during the eyes of the Arawak Indians, then prime the reader during the struggles for staff' rights, women's rights, and civil rights through the 19th and 20th centuries, and finishing with the present protests opposed to endured American imperialism, Zinn within the volumes of a tender People's historical past of the U.S. provides a thorough new approach of realizing America's historical past. In so doing, he reminds readers that America's real greatness is formed through our dissident voices,...

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CHAPTER THREE WHO WERE THE COLONISTS? A HUNDRED YEARS BEFORE THE AMERICAN Revolution, a rebellion broke out in Virginia. Angry colonists set Jamestown, their capital, on fire. The governor fled the burning town, and England shipped a thousand soldiers across the Atlantic, hoping to keep control of the forty thousand colonists. This was Bacon’s Rebellion. It was not a war of American colonists against the British. Instead, Bacon’s Rebellion was an uprising of angry, poor colonists against two groups they saw as their enemies.

The writer added that many people were afraid of an uprising by servants who needed basic necessities, such as clothes. Escape was easier than rebellion. Historian Richard Morris, who wrote a book called Government and Labor in Early America, studied colonial newspapers and found many reports of white servants running away, sometimes in groups. Other servants went on strike and refused to work. ” The servants said that they were too weak to work, because the master fed them only beans and bread.

If poor whites felt contempt for African Americans, they were less likely to join with them in rebellion. As the colonies grew, the ruling class found another way of keeping control. Along with the very rich and the very poor, a white middle class was developing. It was made up of small planters, independent farmers, and craft workers in cities and towns. If these middle-class colonists joined forces with the merchants and big planters, they would be a solid buffer against the frontier Indians, the black slaves, and the poor whites.

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