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Poisonous. Avoid inhaling vapors. 3 Blends of the above. Assume that the refractive index varies linearly by volume of ingredients. 4). 5 Fiber Solvents. 1 Acetic acid, glacial. Corrosive. Do not get in eyes or on skin. 2 Acetone, reagent grade. (Caution: highly flammable). 3 Sodium hypochlorite solution, 5%. Home laundry bleach is satisfactory. 4 Hydrochloric acid, concentrated reagent, 20%. Dilute 50 mL of concentrated hydrochloric acid, 38%, to 95 mL with distilled water. 5 Formic acid, 85%.

10. 6221 g per mL. 12 m-Cresol, reagent grade. Poisonous. Use in ventilated hood. 13 Hydrofluoric acid, 49% reagent grade. Very dangerous. Use goggles and hood under suction. Do not inhale vapors or allow to contact skin. 7. 1 If the sample is loose fiber or yarn, it may contain one fiber only or it may be an intimate blend of two or more fibers. 2 A yarn sample may be a ply or wrapped core blend of two or more yarns. These yarns in turn may be the same or different and may themselves contain a blend of fibers.

The values should be viewed as minimal data with regards to precision. Confidence intervals are not well established. Thermometers. 1 For Black Panel Thermometers: Testing temperature is measured and regulated by a Black Panel Thermometer unit mounted on the specimen rack to permit the face of it to receive the same exposure as the test specimen. Black Panel Thermometers shall consist of a metal panel at least 70 × 150 mm and not less than 45 × 100 mm whose temperature is measured with a thermometer or thermocouple whose sensitive portion is located in the center of and in good contact with the panel.

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