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Instead they advocate early delivery as a means of saving the mother’s life. Because prolife advocates believe the developing fetus has the same right to life as the mother, they believe whatever steps are necessary should be taken to preserve the life of the fetus as well. To them, D&X abortions are infanticide, or the killing of an infant. More Abortion Questions In addition, pro-life groups are dubious about claims that D&X procedures are rare and only performed in extreme circumstances. They point to statements from leading abortionists who tell a different story.

This [post-abortion syndrome] appears to be rare, contrary to the beliefs of many pro-lifers. But it does exist, contrary to the beliefs of many pro-choicers. ” —Bruce A. org. Bruce A. org. htm. In 2006 the results of a five-year study by the University of Oslo showed negative psychological effects associated with abortion five years after the procedure. The study included eighty women who had abortions and forty who had suffered miscarriages. The women were given several questionnaires ten days, six months, two years, and five years after the event.

Although she and her husband were both working, they were having trouble making ends meet. To make matters worse, Alexandra was battling severe depression. With no money for professional help, a full-time job, and two little boys to parent, Alexandra chose to abort her pregnancy. She believed then, as now, that her primary responsibility was to her sons, her husband, and herself. Alexandra notes: Eight years later, I still have no regrets—only an everstrengthened belief that what I did was the right thing to do at the time.

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