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By Kathleen Hale, Robert Montjoy, Mitchell Brown

Administering Elections presents a digest of up to date American election management utilizing a structures standpoint. The authors offer perception into the interconnected nature of all parts of elections management, and sheds like at the power outcomes of reforms that fail to account for this.

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Westmoreland County Board of Commissioners League of Women Voters v. Browning McConnell v. FEC 2006 HAVA implementation and replacement of lever machines Constitutional limits of durational residency requirements Criminal justice system parameters, disenfranchisement policies and Section 2 of the VRA Government-issued photo voter identification Limits of local redistricting and electoral boundaries pre-VRA Racial discrimination at polling locations in violation of VRA Section 2 State level documentation of citizenship in addition to NVRA citizenship requirements HAVA requirements for purchase of electronic voting equipment Mobile v.

For example, some local jurisdictions mail sample ballots to all voters before each election, but others do not. Some conduct voter information programs in local schools or in the citizenship naturalization process, but others do not. In recent years, CEOs and LEOs have turned to the Internet to provide information about a variety of subjects: how to register, registration status, polling place location, voting hours, alternative voting options, and so on. We suspect that there is considerable variance across local jurisdictions in their ability to provide information because they vary widely in size and financial resources (Kimball and Baybeck 2013).

Electronically stored vote totals from polling places can be tabulated quickly. Mail ballots and optical scan ballots from polling places that do not use precinct counters must be fed into the counting equipment. Here, again, the problem of mismarked paper ballots may appear, but in this case the voter is not present to make a correction. The choice at this point is either to not count the vote or to make an attempt to interpret the voter’s intent. One practice is to have representatives of the political parties review the ballots using pre-established rules for interpretation and, if they agree on intent, remake the ballot with correct markings for reading by the optical UN D E R S TA N D I N G E L E C T I O N AD M I N I S T R AT I O N S Y S T E M S 17 scan equipment.

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