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V. KOLESNIKOVA CHaO by reaction with 02. Under conditions of the 0 CH30H reaction the amount of hydrogen peroxide was by a power of ten less than that of CH20, which is evidence for the small importance of reaction (17). Thus, the reaction of 0 atoms with CH30H will be either that of (18) or that of (19). It cannot be said so far which of these two is of more importance. Reactions of the (18) and (19) type were observed for other molecules. Reaction of the (18) type is similar to that of 0 atoms with C&, while a reaction of the (19) type would be similar to known incorporation reactions.

I. AVRAMENKO AND R. V. KOLESNIKOVA 52 The reaction of 0 atoms with acetaldehyde shows that the three possible types of oxygen atom reactions are: scission of the C-C bond, the reaction yielding H20,and incorporation of the 0 atom a t the C-H bond. In studying the reaction of oxygen atoms with CHICHO by using the photochemical method, at a pressure of -100 mm. Hg and with sensitization by mercury, CvetanoviP came to another conclusion, namely, that the reaction of oxygen atoms with acetaldehyde yielded mainly hydroxyl and the CHICO radical.

A Method for Determining Oxygen Atom Concentrations. 37 3. Distinction be Consecutive Atom an adical Reactions with Moleculea .... . . . . . . . . . . 39 4. The Mechanism of Reactions between Oxygen Atoms and Various 43 Molecules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5. Determination of Rate Constants for Elementary Reactions of Oxygen 53 Atoms with Molecules. 6. Determination of Absolute Rate Constants for Reactions Involving 0 Atoms . . . .

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