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Another type guardians of the community for of spirit resides in natural landmarks. A protection against enemies with the nearby mountain may be the abode of the following prayer: spirit that is guardian to the community. The spirit of a river may be identified as If enemies would come, let not your small worm die, guardian of that area. An extraordinarily but stretch your hand over him. huge tree in a village may be considered the abode of a local spiritual guardian. 48 AfricAn TrAdiTionAl religion Animal life, too, may house spirits.

The lower mask depicts a woman’s face and the upper part of the mask often depicts humans or animals such as birds or snakes. In African religion each ethnic group has its own deities, spirits, and ancestors; in addition there are local spirits or guardians that may be linked to a village or a family. 62 African Traditional Religion they gave Legba the role of messenger between his siblings and parents. Legba’s domain is therefore communication. Nothing happens without his awareness. Importantly, Legba conveys the wishes and desires of human beings to the Vodun.

The Spirit World 49 Crossing to the Spirit World Among the Edo people of Nigeria, when someone dies senior family members speak prayers at the burial. One such prayer is the following: identified in numerous ways. They become a focus of communal ritual. sPiRiTs of ThE DEPARTED The spirits of the dead are part of the spirit world. Some are ancestors and others are the spirits of the ordinary dead—that is, Your children whom you have left here, the dead of the community who are neiyou should order money for them.

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