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This can be a novel interpretation of the connection among consumerism, commercialism, and imperialism throughout the first empire development period of the United States within the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. not like different empires in heritage, that have been commonly outfitted on army energy, the 1st American empire used to be basically a advertisement one, devoted to pushing items abroad and dominating overseas markets. whereas the yank executive used to be vital, it was once the nice capitalist agencies of the USA – Heinz, Singer, McCormick, Kodak, commonplace Oil – that drove the imperial procedure, explicitly linking the acquisition of customer items abroad with 'civilization'. Their chronic message to America's prospective buyers used to be, 'buy American items and subscribe to the march of progress'. Domosh additionally explores how the pictures of peoples out of the country conveyed via items increased America's experience of itself on this planet.

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Petersburg, now rented to the Russian-English bank. 48 Kompaniya Singer’s success was partly due then to this immense organizational structure that managed to maintain adequate control over vast amounts of space. Weekly reports filed by canvasser/collectors in far eastern Siberia were tabulated and overseen by managers at depots, who then reported to central offices, to regional offices, to headquarters in Moscow, with tabulations reaching Singer’s top management in New York within weeks. At the most local level, the Singer “man” on horseback was a common, everyday sight.

20 Heinz also considerably expanded its foreign markets throughout the first decade of the 20th century through the establishment of distributing branches and agencies. 6). 21 By 1904, Heinz’s sales extended to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, China, Japan, and South America, and in 1906, the company reported agencies selling their products in central Africa, Thailand, Ceylon, Singapore, and Java. 6 Location of Heinz’s foreign distribution agents, 1899. (“Three Decades,” Pickles, vol.

Indb 39 5/10/06 6:05:47 PM 40 American Commodities in an Age of Empire Singer agents therefore were not averse to bartering for their machines, a practice that Carstensen speculates was encouraged by Singer, which adapted its system of installment payments to fit the barter economy. In Irkutsk, Siberia, Singer adapted its sales techniques to fit local conditions of transport. Because rivers formed the main transport arteries, Singer agents joined other merchants in forming a series of barges that carried products that were leashed together and moved downstream along the rivers, a sort of floating marketplace.

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