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Chapter 1 Structural chemistry (pages 1–51): S. Sorriso
Chapter 2 Stereochemistry and conformations (pages 53–83): Morton Raban and Jeremy Greenblatt
Chapter three The chemistry of ionized amino, nitroso and nitro compounds within the gasoline section (pages 85–126): Helmut Schwarz and Karsten Levsen
Chapter four Rearrangements concerning nitroso and nitro compounds (pages 127–153): D. L. H. Williams
Chapter five The spectroscopy, photophysics and photochemistry of saturated amines (pages 155–180): Arthur M. Halpern
Chapter 6 Photochemistry of nitro and nitroso compounds (pages 181–290): Yuan L. Chow
Chapter 7 Radiation chemistry of amines, nitro and nitroso compounds (pages 291–318): Clive L. Greenstock
Chapter eight Electrochemistry of nitro compounds (pages 319–337): Albert J. Fry
Chapter nine Electrochemistry of amines (pages 339–359): Wayne E. Britton
Chapter 10 Radical anion reactions of nitro compounds (pages 361–393): Nathan Kornblum
Chapter eleven Direct aminations (pages 395–416): Tuvia Sheradsky
Chapter 12 Pyrolysis of nitrites, nitrates, nitro compounds, nitroso compounds and amines (pages 417–458): Leslie Batt
Chapter thirteen Nitrones and nitronic acid derivatives: their constitution and their roles in synthesis (pages 459–564): Eli Breuer
Chapter 14 Nitroxides (pages 565–622): Hans Gunter Aurich
Chapter 15 Enamines and ynamines (pages 623–714): G. Pitacco and E. Valentin

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