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In (Jataka, III, p. 198). l I same iff,. was caste (Jataka, 1, p. There used to be held in in vogue man in of the Benares. 477). Bonaras a festival known as Elephant festival in which brahmins had to chant elephant lore ( Hastisutrarn ). ( Jataka, II, p. 48 ). In the elephant festival five score tusks all On king of white were used. his father's death, Benares. He ( Jataka, ( 100) elephants with II, p. 48 ). Prince Brahmadatta became the married the exquisitely beautiful Kosalan king and made her the Chief Queen.

A to trade went of BaranasI to his goods by putting on the back of an ass> Once he went to Taxila for trade and gave his ass rest there by taking down the goods from its back. ( Dhammapada Com- mentary, Vol. I, p. 123). A trader of Benares was going to Savatthl with five hundred carts full of red cloth but he could not cross the river as it his goods. was full of water, so he had to stay there (Dhammapada Commentary, At Benares there was a rich banker to sell Vol. Ill, p. 429). named Mahadhana- His parents taught him dancing and music.

2. Cambridge History 3. Ibid M p. 308. I, They were kings p. 190. of India, vol. I, p. 3(j5. of ANCIENT INDIAN TRIBES In the Satapatha Brahmana in the rail ma n a Jo (i, 37 the KoSala- 11) 4, Videhas appear as falling later than the under the influence of Kuru-Paftcalas ' The Br&hmanism. period. river Sadanira forma the boundary between the peoples, Kolala and Videha. In the same work (XIII, 5, 4, 4), the Kausalya or KoSala king Para-atn&ra Hiranyanabha is described as A passage having performed the great A^vamedha sacrifice rauta Sutra Sankhyayana (XV, 1, 9, 13) shows the in the connection of KoSala with Kasi and Videha.

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