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By Katicic Radoslav

The most effective works to be had for the examine of Paleo-Balkan languages, the e-book continues to be brand new even supposing having been written in 1976.

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It was therefore difficult to notice that between historical linguistics as practiced by them and the method introduced by Kretschmer there was an essential difference. Although it was nowhere stated, a valid etymology as conceived by the school of the Junggrammatiker had a solid probabilistic foundation : by postulating exception less sound laws, a requirement was introduced that all historically relevant sound correspondences should be recurrent. Thus if an equation was based on recurring sound correspondences, the possibility that these correspondences were a product of pure chance was small, the smaller the more recurrent the correspondences were.

Aoi; 'shoot' which is etymologically connected by Kretschmer with the name of the 73 For the arguments, cf. MERIGGI (1 936a, 1 936b), PALLOTINO (1955 : 235-6). 74 Cf. KRETSCHMER (1 925a). 212 Download Date | 4/18/13 1:58 PM PRE-GREEK 59 Etruscan goddess Ga/na ; another one, Le:p6c;, Locp6c; 'sacred' which is in the same way connected with Etr. aisar 'god'. 75 In the course of time Kretschmer arrived at a complete revision of his doctrine : he assumed an encroachment of two Pre-Greek linguistic strata in the Aegean : one Protindogermanisch and the other Micrasiatic non-Indo-European .

SCHACHERMEYR ( 1 954 : 1 489-94) and A. WACE in VENTRIS-CHADWICK ( 1 956: xx-) ; also BLEGEN (1 928), TJUMENEV (1 953). 3 . 1 Opinions as to the affiliations of the ancient languages of Asia Minor When. in the nineteenth century the genetic study of languages made its appearance and the areas of the established language families were put on the map, it was obvious even at first glance that the whole of Asia Minor constituted a blank. All available information on the languages spoken there in antiquity before the general Hellenization of the area was so scant that all attempt at genetic classification had to remain guesswork.

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