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2002; see Kan et al. 2006 for evidence that left VPMC activity when naming tools varies with motor experience using those tools) and for naming tool-associated sounds versus animal sounds (Lewis et al. 2004, 2005). These findings show that retrieving information about object function engages regions of the cortex that are also active when objects are used. Moreover, as with the previously reviewed studies of object categories, this information is automatically accessed when these objects are identified, regardless of stimulus modality (visual, auditory) or format (verbal, nonverbal).

The authors reasoned that modulations of cortical activity associated with automatic semantic priming would occur too quickly to be ascribed to explicit visual image generation. Thus, finding repetition suppression in the fusiform gyrus when reading briefly presented semantically related word pairs, relative to unrelated pairs, would add considerable weight to the claim that this region is involved in conceptual processing. Repetition-related reductions in hemodynamic responses (repetition suppression) were observed, in fact, in several regions, including the left fusiform gyrus.

Moreover, involvement of the fusiform gyrus is independent of stimulus modality (visual, auditory) and format (pictures, words). The data from the SD patients also indicate that posterior temporal regions can be activated top-down by higher-order processing regions (polar and anterior temporal cortices). As reviewed above, VLPFC has been strongly associated with the top-down control of posterior temporal cortices. Neuroimaging evidence for this top-down influence during conceptual processing comes from a study that combined TMS with functional brain Annu.

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