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Army Corps of Engineers endangered large segments of this country's archeological resources. Perhaps because the threat was so direct and so massive, a number of archeologists, again drawing upon the generalized public concern for the past, were able to convince Congress to pass the Reservoir Salvage Act of 1960—an act that legalized a program actually already begun. This extraordinarily important if unfortunately all too restricted program saw, over a period of 20 years, the recovery of vast amounts of information which would otherwise have been lost.

Not only will the anthropologist have an excellent idea of what is in the natives' heads, having it also in his own, but the anthropologist will be recognized by some natives as a legitimate co-practitioner. D. degree. In a profession as status-ridden as medicine, possession of the basic degree would constitute a great advantage for the anthropologist. HAMMEL could afford to earn two major degrees. Most would have to be content with a master's degree in the minor subject or only with course work.

The profession is now actively engaged in working with such agencies to develop means whereby this public policy can be implemented to the best advantage of the cultural resource base and in the context of the total public good. Appropriately directed professional concern, which mobilizes an often generalized public concern, can result in the establishment of public policy. This is an essential step, but it is only the first of two essential steps. The second is effective implementation of that policy.

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