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By Rev. F. De P. Castells A.K.C.

An interpretation of the symbolism of the Masonic resort.

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To W. S. was well acquainted. B. was "the First Temple at Jerusalem" as defined in the Explanation of the Second. And it is for the guidance of Masons in all ages to come that the statement is made that it had been duly oriented. For these three reasons, then, it has always been a land-mark of Masonry that every Lodge " ought to be," and is, in fact, imagined to be, built due E. and W. In the Lodge, therefore, we are travelling from E. to W. W. takes his place in the S. But it is for a special purpose, " to mark the Sun at its meridian "; and it is only for a time.

But we may note that the Candidate is also granted anticipations of better things bringing 31 him into touch with later stages. For the moment he may be pleased with the dim outline and the half-truths by which his mind is being prepared, but eventually he discovers the true nature of those foreshadowings, and his horizon is enlarged. The important thing is that our attention should be fixed on the essentials of the Ritual, that is, on what is known as "the ancient landmarks of the Order"; they guide him in his progress.

It might, of course, be that originally the Book of Chronicles had " 60 cubits " and that a late editor amended the text in accordance with the ideas of a later age, but the net result is the same. Assuming, then, a height of 60 cubits, there must have been room for three stories of the same height as the Sanctum Sanctorum, that is, 20 cubits each. e. the Holy Place and the Sanctum Sanctorum combined) gives to the whole Temple the form of a huge Square, the leading symbol of Masonry ! One fact which is worthy of notice is the statement by the Chronicler (I.

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